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New Executive Vice President:
Dave Green
PO Box 19539
Lenexa KS 66285
Phone: 913-634-0248
Email: dave.green.wqc@gmail.com
WQC Annual Meeting
February 21-23, 2017
Kansas City, MO

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Wheat Quality Council -
A coordinated effort by breeders, producers & processors to improve wheat & flour quality.

Our Mission is to advocate the development of new wheat varieties that improve the value of wheat to all parties in the U.S. supply chain.

Our Goal is to improve the value of all U.S. wheat classes for producers, millers, and processors of wheat.

Membership in the Wheat Quality Council is a wise investment if wheat or flour quality has any influence on your business.

Uniform Grow Outs are an extremely important part of the Wheat Quality Council efforts to improve wheat & flour quality. 

Wheat Quality Council, Dave Green
PO Box 19539, Lenexa KS 66285

Office 913-634-0248

E-mail: dave.green.wqc@gmail.com

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